Call for competition

In 2000 the UN and its partners compiled eight goals, which aim to help secure worldwide social and economic development as well as to further human rights and equality in the participating countries.

The 189 signatories have until 2015 to implement these goals. Therefore, the deadline for implementing the goals has almost expired. It is now time to take stock and assess how far the Millennium Goals have been achieved.

  • Did the UN countries achieve what they set out to do?
  • Which problems have been solved and how? Or is the world in the same position as it was 15 years ago?
  • Why is it that the world continues to face challenges? Did people’s reality of life actually change
  • What happens after 2015?

We are looking for critical and satirical observations which assess the results of the Millennium Goals with humour and that engage with people’s reality in 2013/2014 regarding poverty, gender equality, access to education, ecological sustainability etc. whilst capturing the conflicts and discrepancies in both a smaller and wider context.

Deadline: Submissions must be entered between January 1, 2014 and August 15, 2014.

Give us your view of the world and the Millennium Goals! Just explain it short and simply – through the means of cartoon and caricatures.

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